Naval Aviation Links:


       Commander Naval Air Forces

       Naval Aviation Enterprise

       School of Aviation Safety

       Naval Safety Center

       Culture Workshop Information

       Naval Safety Center Aviation Maintenance Best Practices

       CMC Safety Division

    Instructions and Orders:

       OPNAVINST 3710.7V - NATOPS Standardization Program

       CNAF M-3710.7 - NATOPS General Flight and Operating Instructions ...

       OPNAVINST 3750.6S - Naval Aviation Safety Management System

       OPNAVINST 5102.1D - Navy & Marine Corps Mishap and Safety Investigation, Reporting, & Record Keeping Manual

       MCO 5100.29C - Marine Corps Safety Program

PMV/Motorcycle Links:


       National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

       Naval Safety Center Motor Vehicle Safety

    Instructions and Orders:

       DoDINST 6055.4 - DoD Traffic Safety Program

       OPNAVINST 5100.12J - Navy Traffic Safety Program

       MCO 5100.19F - Marine Corps Traffic Safety Program (DRIVESAFE)

    Motorcycle Club Information:

       Sample Motorcycle Club Charter

Miscellaneous Links:


       Veterans & Smoking

       American Lung Association